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Society is such shit for somehow creating these “standards” of beauty that has everyone comparing themselves to each other and thinking that in some way any of us are “flawed” or “imperfect”. Perfection is not something that exists. Anything that makes you different from someone else is not a “flaw”, it’s just part of the details that make you who YOU are. That’s really all there is to it. I really wish all the comparing and judging and etc would end. Don’t let society and it’s bullshit, stop you from loving yourself. The end.


René Portocarrero (Cuba, 1912 - 1985)

Composition 1963

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Stop acting like you’re above being human. All we are are different expressions of the same thing. That thing is human life. It comes with emotions and personalities. Stop being so afraid and just serve your purpose. Exist as you are and stop apologizing for that. That’s it.

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